hosting serversThere are many things that you could get from the internet. You could find many websites and blogs that provide anything that you need. Some websites might give you information about home improvement or insurance service while other websites might allow you to watch videos directly from your PC or laptop. Some websites might give you information about jobs while others websites might offer you various types of entertainment. Internet might be the best source of information these days. However, not everybody knows how internet works. They might not know how a website is made and who is hosting these websites. Some people even don’t know what is web hosting. For those of you who don’t know how internet works and any basic knowledge about internet and websites, this article might help you to get a better comprehension about internet and websites.

Introduction to Web Hosting

Before you ask who is hosting these websites that you visit on the internet, you might need to know the definition of web hosting. Basically, a website is created by website developer. This developer could design the website you need for various purposes. This person also allows you to put contents, images, links, and advertising on your website. However, website developer is only in charge in the creation of a website. To assure your website works properly, you need other service called web hosting. This service allows you to get your domain name and could maintain the function of your website by providing server for your website. With the helps from web hosting company, you could run your website especially if you don’t have proper knowledge about this issue. There are various types of web hosting services that you could choose based on your needs. Besides your needs, you also need to consider the type of your website when you choose web hosting service.

The Person behind Web Hosting

If you want to know who is hosting your website or other website, you could find it out by following these steps. First you need to launch your browser and visit online web hosting where you would find search utility. Then you could type the address of the specific website on the search box. Make sure you type the full address including its “http” or “www”. Then you could click the search button and wait for the result. Once you get the result, you could get any information you need about the website including its web hosting provider and the link to their website. You could write this information down so that you could use it or contact the company directly.